Meet Tango

Meet Tango

Here is my Tango. She has kind of taken over a lot of my last few days. I gave her a new home (her old home couldn’t be her home any longer) The first night, she hid and hissed. Now, a mere 3 days later, she follows me around. She also likes to make sure I’m alive every few hours of the night by licking my cheek and kneading my boobs. On the other hand, I’d be no fun if she hated me.

We’re trying to learn to not scratch on my couch, but besides that, we’re doing alright.

Quick update for a Sunday.

There may be more.

take a drink and bring on 2013

So, I’m figuring this January I can be realistic “Lets learn how to clean up after myself!” or unrealistic…”babies! Marriage! jobs that bring me money!!”

(Honestly, they both seem about as likely to happen)

So, Lets see, last year brought me a lot of change that was a long time coming (a new ex, a new apartment etc etc) and some really cool things. I’ve had girlfriends, that, just, want to hang out and see how I’m doing….I think the last time I had friends like that that didn’t want to get in my pants, I was 15 or so(okay, friends that were girls may be the better way to say that..)

So, thats been really fun. We’re all so different, yet, similar enough we can bitch and tell stories and watch crappy tv and love it. The majority of my friends…facebook friends if nothing else have gotten married or have had their 2nd kid this past year, and I’m recently single and trying to figure out this whole having my own apartment and being 28 thing


Me? I went to a show, on a whim, by myself, and found a wonderful to look at, shy, handsome kid striking up a conversation with me because the show was like, an hour and a half late (in true Nashville/Memphis fashion) oh, btw, thanks Chuck Ragan and you Revival Tour guys and gals!

And that, that is wonderful.

All the nonsense I went though and have been though with every ex I’ve had and every relationship, I use to not take J for granted. I don’t. I appreciate him all the time, and whats amazing, is that he is the same way.

So, fast forward a few months later…I’m still working where I was last year. I’m in a new apartment that is starting to feel like home, and, I have a boyfriend that is my best friend and who I love more than I knew I could (Didn’t know that was a “thing”) my friends are awesome, and I’m getting the cutest kitten….I’ll introduce you to Tango tomorrow.

So, for 2013 lets…

Look for churches, look for grad schools and jobs (school for J and job for me

For now,

Lets drink, be merry, plan ahead, and be more than thankful for what we have. 


For you,

Look forward to pics, recipes (gasp, maybe) quotes, reviews, and maybe look forward to my rambling posts.